100 things that made my year (2022)

100 things that made my year (2022)
  1. Vegetarian hot dogs from IKEA. Great for the New Year's Eve and January 1st.
  2. The Matrix Resurrections. I'd never hoped to see my favourite characters in a new story so the 4th movie was a great gift to a 10-year-old me.
  3. Journaling. I wrote nearly 800 pages in my diaries.
  4. Publishing videos on Youtube.
  5. Making collages.
  6. Having a blog. I still haven't figure out a good approach to social media but starting a blog seems like the first step. I'd like to get independent from other platforms.
  7. Rewatching Harry Potter movies over January. Crying for Dobby.
  8. Taking a non-fiction writing class organized by The Berlin Writing Workshop. Learning from others. Reading consciously.
  9. Starting a newsletter, more like a monthly letter, about life and work. I'll be happy when you subscribe here.
  10. A rice cooker. Rice cooker is a game-changer, is love, is warmth.
  11. Backing cheesecake for my partner's birthday. It felt festive.
  12. Berlinale. Watching great and weird movies outside of my regular palette. The beauty of a big screen and red chairs. Listening to directors and actors. Laughing and crying.
  13. My dog. His love for Oatly and the way he's present.
  14. Drawing, doodling.
  15. Redefining my relationship with work.
  16. Trying out Blackout poetry.
  17. Reading good books. I started to jot down titles. These are 13 good books that I liked in 2022.
  18. Listening to podcasts and interviews. Debbie Millman, Roxane Gay, Brené Brown, Andy J. Pizza are people I turn to when I need an inspiration.
  19. Austin Kleon. He's been one of my favourite writers and bloggers. I love what he does. If you are looking for a present for creative people in your life, his books are full of great ideas.
  20. The wall calendar in the kitchen. It shows me that I have a past and there will be a future.
  21. A hammer drill. Helping friends hanging shelves and frames on walls.
  22. A surprise on the Women's Day: a lovely Napoli pizza for 5 Euro!
  23. Parallel Mothers.
  24. Writing my first non-fiction essay Unpolished. Getting feedback from peers.
  25. Thinking about languages. Their roles and functions. Writing about my language tree.
  26. Daily habit of taking photos of the sky to remember how temporary we are.
  27. Girls' lunches, brunches and dinners.
  28. The second season of Bridgerton.
  29. Watching Eurovision Song Contest. All of it.
  30. CSD with friends. Walking behind a bus with people from Princess Charming.
  31. Lady Gaga concert in London.
  32. Going to a bar for the first time since February 2020.
  33. C'mon C'mon. Buying a cheap audio recorder and recording sounds of trees.
  34. Visiting Warsaw with my partner. Polin. Cosy bookstores. The LGBT Film Festival. Wonderful food. Seeing the Palace of Culture and Science from my bed.
  35. Quitting the 9-5 job.
  36. Ear plugs.
  37. BBQ at Tempelhofer Feld.
  38. A friend practicing piano in our flat.
  39. Parallel fountain pens.
  40. Kardinalschnitte at Aida in Vienna.
  41. MC-ing at Rails Girls Kraków. Giving a talk. Connecting with people.
  42. Train rides with my dog. Watching him watching the world outside of a window.
  43. Playing Animal Crossing.
  44. Empuzjon.
  45. New Adele's album.
  46. Taking a time off.
  47. Writing my book.
  48. My partner saving a bird that flew into our flat.
  49. Reconnection with friends from the university.
  50. Seeing Rothko in Potsdam.
  51. Please Don't Follow My Path at Women Who Code Berlin. A talk about a few mistakes I made over the course of my career.
  52. Figuring out a recipe for the best kanapka.
  53. Roxane Gay's masterclass.
  54. Cup of coffee a day. Or two cups. Or four.
  55. Getting through German bureaucracy.
  56. Stationery shops. Discovering a big one 20-minute walking from my place.
  57. Setting out the office.
  58. Moonage Daydream and what David Bowie said about aging.
  59. Colours of autumn.
  61. Getting a library card. Spending hour between book shelves.
  62. Love is Blind.
  63. Preparing a talk for Euruko.
  64. Traveling alone.
  65. Watching The Lord of the Rings. Falling in love with the Witch King of Angmar. Being surprised how good Hobbit actually is.
  66. Picking up groceries together.
  67. Ofenkäse evenings.
  68. Sunday brunches at a favourite café. Becoming a regular. Having a wedding breakfast there.
  69. Planning our honeymoon. Going from mixed expectations to a total understanding. Creating an adventure which works for us both.
  70. Everything. Everywhere. All At Once. Please give Michelle Yeoh the Oscar.
  71. Discovering different libraries in Berlin.
  72. Loving the U5.
  73. Security Doesn't Have To Be a Nightmare at Euruko. 700 people in the room. A dream come true.
  74. Libraries in Helsinki.
  75. A pre-wedding party. Feeling warm in my belly.
  76. Getting married our way.
  77. Swimming pools are nice. And I like saunas.
  78. Meeting new people because of the Youtube channel.
  79. Poetry. Louise Glück. Elizabeth Bishop. Robert Frost.
  80. Good Security Is One Question Away From You at Wey Wey Web in Malaga.
  81. Malaga. Vermouth. 20 degrees. Olives. Picasso Museum and Centre Pompidou.
  82. Palmtrees. Palmtrees. Palmtrees.
  83. Parrots.
  84. Weihnachtsmarkt at Bebelplatz. Glühwein with friends.
  85. Fountain pen with green ink.
  86. The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.
  87. The Secret History. Reading until 2am. Reading other good books.
  88. Pancakes made by friends.
  89. Baths.
  90. Podcasts.
  91. Playing cards with my partner and in-laws. Winning once.
  92. The first sentence of The Bell Jar.
  93. Cheesy Christmas movies.
  94. Vanillekipferl.
  95. Doing nothing between Xmas and the New Year's.
  96. Hearing my people laugh.
  97. Discovering that Berlin is not just Neukölln.
  98. Asking my partner language questions. Her patience.
  99. The Moon Calendar by Gosia Nowak.
  100. This blog.