Hejo! My name is Wiktoria Dalach and I'm a senior software engineer and security engineer based in Berlin, Germany.

Here, I write about work in tech, security and art. The blog is a safe heaven for my creativity and it may seem a bit random, I know. Here are tags that will help you navigate:

application security, project wombat, film, art, creativity

I'm working on a book about my experience as a women in tech. You can read fragments of it here.

If you like anything I wrote about let me know on LinkedIn and Youtube, or share it publicly on your favourite social media.

Official bio 👇👇👇

Wiktoria Dalach is a Senior Software Engineer, Security Engineer, Women Techmakers Ambassador, public speaker, and YouTuber. Her involvement in the tech community started in 2012 when she co-created WebMuses, a community for women and others who wanted to learn to code. From 2012 to 2016, she organized over 30 workshops called Amusing Workshops. In 2012, she attended the first edition of RailsGirls Kraków and became part of the mentoring and organizing team for many subsequent events. She taught coding at Rails Girls workshops in various cities, including Kraków, Poznan, Lodz, and Paris. In 2017, she gave a talk titled "Fear 101 AKA How I Became a Programmer," discussing the difficulties of the first few years in the tech industry. The video gained nearly 30 thousand views. In recent years, she decided to create YouTube videos to share her experiences and challenges as the only woman at the table. She has been a passionate advocate for cybersecurity and has delivered talks at numerous conferences and meetups including DevFest Berlin 2022, GDG Melbourne, RubyConf Australia, Pycon DE 2023 Berlin, or DevopsDays Zurich.