How I plan and document my life with a wall calendar

An empty wall calendar

My brain struggles to understand time which makes planning or even thinking about future difficult. A few years ago, I discovered that a simple wall calendar can be an incredibly useful tool to make future more real and manageable. If your appointments, dates and birthdays surprise you, hear me out.  

Tools you need

A pencil, a black pen and a rubber (eraser). Easy! And a wall calendar!


At first, my friends laughed hearing I need to write it down in my wall calendar but over time they got over it. All of my personal appointments - doctors, dentists, hairdressers, dates with friends, brunches etc. I jot down with a pencil. etc. This way, I have overview of what's coming, and I can easily prevent overlaps or double-scheduling. Speaking on visibility, the calendar hangs in the kitchen above a table so it's accessible and, pardon me, in my face.


April 2022 (some info hidden)

After a day or during a cup of morning coffee, I like to erase past pencil entries, and draw (or write) something what will bring me a memory of that day. If a day felt special, I add some colour. Over time, a plain calendar sheet becomes a monthly galery.

December 2022 (some info hidden)