The 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

2023 holiday gift guide

For those of you who are running out of ideas what to buy for your loved ones, calm down and look no further because here I prepared the 2023 holiday gift guide.

Holiday Gifts for Inspiration

A film camera

Before the digital era, one had 24 or 36 frames to fill with moments worth remembering. Film cameras experience a renaissance and could be a great gift for people who want to collect memories.


Posters, photos, paintings - these are unique gifts. Don't know where to find artists? I can recommend fun and spiritual works by Gosia Nowak, and art that supports self-love, feminism and sisterhood by Iza Buleczka.

Gelli plate set

Never tried it, but it looks fun and not very difficult (famous last words).


If your friend's hobby drawing, painting, sketching etc. buy them good paper. Good paper is usually a bit expensive but can make a huge impact on the artwork. Different media require a different kind of paper so be cautious but I'm sure a person in art-supplies store will be happy to help.

Austin Kleon's Books

I've been Austin Kleon's fan for 10 years. His books help, inspire and open eyes. Buy his books.

Holiday Gifts For Comfort


Earplugs with filter not only will save the hearing during concerts but also will help survive more hectic places like supermarkets or big gatherings.

Ultra Light Down Compact Jacket from Uniqlo

It's a jacket that is meant to go under other jackets. Small and lightweight doesn't take much space. Not sponsored, just wardrobe-changing.


Simple card game to play with kids and adults. It fits into a pocket. A true life-saver during long train rides and much more fun than doom-scrolling.

Bluetooth speaker

Waterproof so one can listen to the music while taking a bath.


If a person you're choosing a gift for has a dog or any pet really, buy them a headlamp. It makes it so much easier to check dog's paws without juggling with a penlight and treats.

Stanley cup

They are legendary. I'd like one for coffee. 0.5 litre would be enough.

Bath salts

If they have a bath tub, you can't go wrong with bath salts.

Electric coffee grinder

Because who doesn't love freshly ground coffee or making their own oat flour?

Holiday Gifts for Self-Expression


My go to used to be Leuchtturm 1917 with black cover and plain pages but ever since my friend gifted me one with 200g pages (thicker and even more smooth), I hadn't looked back. It's a heavy-duty notebook designed to be useful. For people who don't get distracted easily, there are many colours available.

Lamy Fountain Pen

Timeless and comfortable design makes writing and drawing with Lamy pens fun and effortless. My friends gave me one when I started working on my book, and I'm hooked. You cannot miss with it.

Colourful Fountain Pen Ink

There are many fountain pen inks available with beautiful colours. From classic black and blues, through greens, violets, reds and yellows. Just make sure it's for a fountain pen, and pick an amusing shade.

Holiday Gifts for Enrichment

Hunger: A Memoire of (My) Body by Roxane Gay

Not an easy but incredibly important read about what how and why we think about our and other's bodies.

The Remarkable Life Deck

Milton Glaser taught Debbie Millman, and now she teaches how to dare more greatly and create a life that matters.

Concert tickets

Concert tickets for shows and performances that don't come to your min at first - ballet, opera, philharmonic music. Yes, we love to be casual, and run around wearing sneakers. But it's nice to celebrate musical performance in a fancy place, and an elegant attire.