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Here are things that moved me this week:

The story of Joseph Weizenbaum

Joseph Weizenbaum created a chatbot, Eliza. Eliza was programmed to act as a psychotherapist, and people liked it. All that in 1966 without massive computing power and sophisticated algorithms. This is not the most interesting part though.  After years of research, Weizenbaum became one of the most vocal critics of artificial intelligence. The article by Ben Tarnoff is a great reminder that the ethical challenges of the AI are nothing new.

Weizenbaum’s nightmares: how the inventor of the first chatbot turned against AI
Computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum was there at the dawn of artificial intelligence – but he was also adamant that we must never confuse computers with humans

Interview with Debbie Millman

She's a design and podcasting icon. In every episode of Design Matters with Debbie Millman, her guest say: "That's a great question" or "I'm so impressed with your research, Debbie". This time sheshares stories about variety of topics, from hip-hop, gardening, deadlines to creative life. And trust me when I tell you, whatever Debbie Milman says, matters.


A watercolor painting of plants

This week in the watercolour class, we were supposed to paint plants. Green is difficult.

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